Lindhaus LS46 Hybrid Scrubber Dryer
Lindhaus LS46 Hybrid Scrubber Dryer
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Lindhaus LS46 Hybrid Scrubber Dryer

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The LW46 is 100% Hybrid floor cleaning machine and it works with battery or a power supply with a 15 m (50ft) cord on board.

The recharging time after a complete discharge is reduced to 3 hours instead of the 12 hours of GEL battery.

On down time it is possible to recharge the batteries without waiting the complete discharge.

- Use with battery and mains cable for non stop working
- High efficiency motors for the longest running time
- Maneuverable and light, just guide it and it goes by itself
- Removable water tanks on the body frame
- The world's lowest base housing profile 230mm (9 inch)
- Superior working capacity 1500 sqm./h (16,000 sqft./h)
- Scrub and dry to the wall on the side and in front
- Dries perfectly on turns, thanks to the easy glide suction nozzle
- Quick brush roller and squeegee replacement without tools
- The body frame turns to fold the machine for transport in a vehicle
- Light weight and low noise level

- Input power 540W
- Water lift 1250 mm
- Air volume 35 l/sec 74 cfm
- Brush motor 150W
- Brush 18.1" 46 cm
- Brush speed 1200 rpm
- Suction width 52 cm 20.4"
- Solution tank 10 litres
- Recovery tank 13 litres
- Working capacity 250 m2 per hour
- Water dosing solenoid type pump
- Total weight 60.4 K

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