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The Lavor Thermic 10D is a top of the range Heavy Duty Cold Water Pressure Washer (With Reducer). The machine comes equipped with a 10HP diesel Lombardini engine and reducer gearbox for lower revs and longer pump life. With pressure performance of 180 Bar at 1020 litres per hour, the Thermic 10D is equipped to tackle even the most stubborn cleaning tasks. 

Diesel Powered Pressure washer. Lomabardini Dieles powered professional high-pressure washer. Approx 20LPM.


The Thermic 10D is manufactured in Italy giving it excellent build quality and reliability.

EQUIPPED WITH:Three ceramic pistons, brass linear pump head with built-in by-pass valve.1450 RPM reducer between engine and pump.By-pass with safety valve.Automatic RPM regulation.Electrical start with engine functions control.Lombardini diesel engine 15LD400 (air cooled).Integrated detergent suction with external suction probe. Pressure regulator.Glicerine pressure gauge.Suction hose with check valve (optional).Heavy duty steel frame.Battery included.


Operating pressure / max180 bar-2465 psi

Delivery rate1020 l/h-4.49 GPM

Engine Type/HP

Lombardini 15LD400/10

Motorpump type/RPMCL5/1450 RPM

Max. water inlet temperature 40 °C

Dimension/weight 100x66x92cm / 82 Kg - 180 lbs


Linear Pump:

The movement of the (3) pistons occurs through a system of connecting rods and crankshaft. The longitudinal axle of the pistons (placed at the same level or linear) is perpendicular to the motor rotation axle. It is more versatile to bear high delivery rates (from 21 l/ min) and it has a better self priming.


Thermal valve:

When the gun trigger is released, the same water flows through the pump (by-pass) and it overheats and sooner or later this damages the valve seals. With this completely mechanical system, the thermal valve checks the temperature in the pump, opening/ closing the by-pass circuit letting new and fresh water flow inside before the elements are damaged. Simple solution without electronic devices.




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