Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
Kaivac 1750
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Kaivac 1750

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Kaivac 1750 No Touch System

Display model machine zero hours on the clock

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£2600 including vat, free delivery and 1 years rtb warranty

£5782 rrp so saving over £3000

The Kaivac 1750 No Touch System has the power to remove dirt and bacteria from heavily contaminated areas. Manufactured for complete soil removal, the system allows users to clean hygienically without needing to touch polluted surfaces. The 1750 model combines high capacity and compact size at an attractive price to deliver exceptional value. Features removable 'black box' engine compartment for rapid repair & exchange and has a 64 litre solution capacity.

The Kaivac 1750 provides excellent cleaning results by removing dirt in the trickiest places, such as grout lines, fixtures and congested areas that can't be reached by other cleaning tools. This is due to the indoor pressure washer, chemical injection and wet vacuum technologies. By completely flushing out and removing impurities, the system is guaranteed to provide a clean and sterile surface.

By simply spraying cleaning solution on hard surfaces, users are able to instantly break down and remove dirt with the high pressure water spray. The built-in vacuum adds to the finishing touches by removing the remains. It has been proven that the No Touch Cleaning System is 60 times more likely to remove bacteria from intricate surfaces compared to mopping, which is more likely to spread germs.

Common uses: Restrooms, kitchens, lockers and gyms, carpet cleaning, weather related cleaning outside areas.

Water Tank: 17 Gallons (64,4 l)
Spray Time: 17 Minutes
Flow Rate: 1 GPM (3,8 l/min)
Pressure: 500 psi (34,5 bars)
Vac Tank: 17 Gallons (64,4 l)
See-Through Vac Tank: Yes
Dump Hose: 26" (66,04 cm)
Long Toilet Dumping: Yes
Vac Tank Cleanout: 100%
Method of Dumping: Drain Hose
Vac Motor Lift: 130" (330,2 cm)
Vac CFM: 112 cfm (3172 l/min)
HEPA Blow Feature: 300 mph (482,7 km/h)

Rotational Mould - Yes
Weight - 123 lb. (55.8 kg)
Size (H x L x W) - 40" x 28" x 22" (101.6 x 81.3 x 55.9 cm)
Hard Rubber Tyre (2) 8" (20.3 cm)
Casters (2) 5" (12.7 cm), locking
Stair Climbing Wheels - Yes
Handle - Molded-In
Parking Brake - Yes

Vac Hose - 45 ft. (13,7 m)
Spray Line - 45 ft. (13,7 m)
Quick-Connect Gun - Yes
Electric Cord - 50 ft. (15 m)
Blow Hose - 33 ft. (10 m

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