Ice Scrub 35c
Ice Scrub 35c
Ice Scrub 35c
Ice Scrub 35c
Ice Scrub 35c
Ice Scrub 35c
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Ice Scrub 35c

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Ice Scrub 35c

Battery powered scrubber dryer,

Twin brush system,

Compact machine with excellent scrubbing power, 2017 model with little use,

Excellent condition and full working order.




The ICE Scrub 35 C is a small sized scrubbing machine, which can clean up in corners and along walls with extreme ease. The ICE Scrub 35 C is best suited to clean profiled floor surfaces. This battery powered machine is cable free for the best manoeuvrability in small and congested areas. It comes with a built in battery charger and gel batteries as standard. These floor cleaning machines have been designed with operators and the cleaning task in mind. The ICE Scrub 35 C is ideal to be for used in a range of environments where there is a mix of vast spaces and nooks and crannies. Some of the popular locations where the ICE Scrub 35 C is used include hospitals, warehouse, car parks and shopping centres. The design of the ICE Scrub 35 C allows for a greater area of cleaning coverage, with reduced effort and enhanced effectivity. These are easy to use and maintain safe, robust and effectual cleaning abilities.


Technical Information

Fresh water capacity 12 Ltr

Dirty water capacity 12 Ltr

Suction width 41 cm

Working width 35 cm

Power24 VWeight 78 kg

Productivity 1,000 m2/hr

Dimensions 70x43x48 cm

Weight 69kg


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