Fimap Obitizer
Fimap Obitizer
Fimap Obitizer
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Fimap Obitizer

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Ready for all the treatments you can think of, in the most impossible spaces

Fimap Orbitizer is a professional floor cleaning machine that can reach any corner, in any environment, and perform a number of treatments on all types of floors. It is suitable for short and localised interventions when the space does not allow to proceed with a machine of a normal size.

It is an essential machine for cleaning contractors, being a cross-cutting solution that fits in all sectors, bringing the effectiveness of mechanical cleaning to the most difficult areas, thanks to its slim design and its base only 11 cm high.

It is powered by a 36V lithium battery, which allows you to change environment without depending on a power outlet.

It cleans and treats floors with its orbital movement that ensures extraordinary results with very little water, and a uniform effect on the entire surface, right down to corners and edges. In addition to cleaning, when combined with the proper pad, it can perform several more treatments.

It is perfect for public transport, such as buses and trains, where it reaches easily under seats, as well as small areas such as landings, stairs and waiting rooms, or very cluttered rooms such as restroom and kitchens.


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